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AIME has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. AIME also connects students with post Year 12 opportunities, including further education and employment. We believe that Indigenous = success and expect all kids in our Program to succeed.

Our goal is for all Indigenous students involved in the AIME program to complete high school and progress to university at the same rate as all Australian students. For students not progressing to university we target 100% transition to further study or employment.

At each site, AIME operates Core Program or Outreach Programs. The Core Program targets local Indigenous high school students located within 30 minutes drive of a participating university campus. The Outreach Program extends the AIME experience to Indigenous high school students within 2 hours of a participating university campus. The program is split up to specifically target kids from years 9 to 12.

  • The 9 Interactive Program challenges participants to step outside their comfort zone for sessions such as Art, Drama, Respect and Hip Hop.

  • The Year 10 Leadership Program includes sessions on Racism, Year 11 and 12 Subject Selection, Résumé Building and Writing your First Speech as Prime Minister.

  • The Year 11 and 12 Leadership and development program focuses on year 12 completion and transition into further training, education or employment.

AIME also runs ‘Tudor Squads’ where groups of 5 University volunteers travel to schools and community centers to offer a free tutoring service to Indigenous high schools students.

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