Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Established in 2003, the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation (ALF) is an independent not for profit, charitable organisation that relies on the generous support of the community to achieve its work.

Our Vision

We believe that positive and practical change is needed to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and it starts with literacy and numeracy. We are working towards a future where all Aboriginal children will be given the chance to pursue quality education so they can reach their full potential. We believe that these children can grow up to contribute to both their community and the Australian nation in a meaningful way.

Our Work

The ALF provides support for young Indigenous Australians through a number of Literacy programs and services.

We offer one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to Indigenous children struggling to make literacy gains at school. We also hold Indigenous Literacy and Heritage Camps and provide scholarships for disadvantaged students.

Through three different initiatives, we help give schools and families across Australia access to the literary resources they desperately need. Our Digital Literacy Hub is a free online library of Indigenous e-books, literacy games and testing tools. Our Backpack Program distributes books to remote communities. Our Library Support Program awards grants to selected schools so they can properly equip their libraries.

Through our work, we hope to not only educate but also empower young Indigenous Australians to be proud of their culture and themselves.

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