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  • Australian Sponsorship 4 African Kids (AS4AK) raises funds to help poor, disadvantaged children in Africa. We support the operation of Nana’s House in Chorkor, Ghana, without which children would be unable to attend school regularly. This breaks the otherwise inevitable cycle of illiteracy, child labour and poverty in their lives.

  • We partner with like-minded agencies overseas to empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.

  • Caritas Australia works in partnership with local communities in 35 countries worldwide. With an aim to end poverty and promote justice, Caritas Australia is working to uphold the human dignity of those at greatest risk and assist people regardless of their ethnicity, political beliefs, gender or religion.

  • CWFA's is to raise money to supply children, schools and communities with clean water both in Australia and abroad. At this stage we are concentrating on drilling bores/wells to assist in supplying water or offering purification systems to those that have an unsafe water supply.

  • Snakebite affects the lives of around 4.5 million people worldwide every year; seriously injuring 2.7 million men, women and children, and claiming some 125,000 lives. The Global Snakebite Initiative is an internationally-active non-profit organisation, led by snakebite experts who are dedicated to improving access to good quality, robustly tested, safe, effective antivenoms in the world’s poorest communities.

  • Hagar is an international organisation committed to the protection, recovery and reintegration of women and children who have suffered severe human rights abuses. Hagar works in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Vietnam and does whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore a broken life.

  • Shobha Nepali (pictured) was an orphan from a remote poverty-stricken jungle area of Nepal. Through AusAID she came to Australia and gained a degree. Shobha has not forgotten her people in Nepal and in conjunction with NAMS is supporting her community there. All donations will go towards furthering educational and community developmental projects.

  • We transform education for thousands of children. We provide mentoring and training so teachers can develop skills and changemaking mindsets. We work in partnership with rural communities to value education, and with the government to prioritise teacher development, creating a route out of poverty.

  • ShelterBox teams work with disaster-hit families  around the world, offering emergency shelter and other essential items to support them in rebuilding their lives. Every disaster is different and so is every community, so we spend time with those affected to make sure we can offer the right support at the right time to help them recover.

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