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  • ANGLICARE is the urban mission and community care arm of the Sydney Anglican Church. As one of Australia’s largest Christian care organisations, ANGLICARE reaches out to thousands of people every year.

    Through God’s grace and the practical and prayerful support of people throughout the diocese, ANGLICARE is able to make Christ’s love real to people in need.

  • Our mission is to spark positive change by increasing education and understanding of autism in Australia. We hope our efforts will lead to earlier diagnosis, access to effective interventions and more meaningful supports to help people on the spectrum reach their full potential.

  • Founded in 2004 by a small group of families and friends, we are a Queensland-based foundation, whose primary aim is to raise awareness and funds to help families affected by Batten Disease.

  • Bedford Group supports South Australians living with disability or disadvantage. Our service offering is purposely broad to ensure we address diverse and evolving needs. Whether it’s finding a job at Bedford, participating in accredited training, acquiring new work or life skills, or learning to live independently…Bedford is changing lives.

  • Every child, regardles of what they can or can't do, is entitled to time with friends, doing things they enjoy and learning the skills they need to contribute to the community. Until now, such families have had limited or no access to services that bring out their kids' best. BestLife is about re-energising families, fostering independence and providing an opportunity for all kids to live their best life.

  • Every 15 hours, an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy. It is the most common physical disability in childhood. There is currently no cure and, for most people, the cause is unknown. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the developing brain, usually during pregnancy. People with cerebral palsy may have seizures and other impairments affecting their speech, vision, hearing and/or intellect as well as the challenges they face with mobility and movement.

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